Course Name:   English Extensive Reading (1-2)

Course Code:   30091623009172

Course Classification: Compulsory (exclusively to TCSL majors)

Aims and Objectives: Students are encouraged to extract and process information through reading in a fast and accurate manner.  As a training course pinpointed a single language skill, extensive reading classes offer a variety of reading approaches and be conducive to helping students fulfill the requirements of the syllabus of TEM-4.

Course Contents:  The course introduces different reading skills systematically through reading a broad spectrum of materials so that good reading habits are formed.  Getting to understand the nature of the reading process is of great importance for students to guard against the potential reading failures and inappropriate reading habits. 

Textbook(s): A Freshman English Reader, edited by Wang Shouren and Yang Jingqing, published by Shanghai Foreign Education Press.

Teaching Approach: In-class teaching, class discussions plus exercises

Hours and Credits: 2 hours per week, 2 semesters, 72 hours in all,; 4 credits

Exams: Closed-book written examination