Course Name:   Interpretation

Course Code:   3009275

Course Classification:  Compulsory (Selective for CLL majors)

Aims and Objectives: The course offers the platform for students to know the features and criteria for interpretation and the qualifications of interpreters as well.  In this course, students are trained to utilize essential interpretation theories and skills throughout the process of interpretation.  Sound reading sensitivity and basic verbal transferring ability are to be cultivated.  Besides the mentioned-above, studentsí» abilities to build up new vocabulary and verbally express clear and precise ideas in English are to be encouraged.

Course Contents: The contents of this course are composed of topics in the field of tourism, sports, education, women and children, the elderly and the family, population, minority nationalities, religion, health care, industry, agriculture, foreign trade, technology, economic development and reform, environment protection, international relations and cultures.  The in-class practice places emphasis on E-C and C-E interpretation, interpretation strategies, flexibilities and note-taking skill.

Textbook(s): Contemporary Oral Interpreting and the Workbook, edited by Wu Bing, published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Teaching Approach: In-class teaching plus practice

Hours and Credits: 2 hours per week, 1 semester, 36 hours in all; 2 credits

Exams: Closed-book examination with studentsí» interpretation recorded on the cassette