Course Name:   English and American Literature (2)  (American Literature)

Course Code:   3009215

Course Classification: Selective

Aims and Objectives: This course aims to guide students into exploring the silhouette of American literature so that the high moral ground of the students is thus cultivated.  In addition, their level to savor literary works, i.e. to analyze and comment on productions created by American writers, is to be raised.

Course Contents: Students will be exposed to American literature in terms of its development, its social background, literal schools and genres, representative figures and relevant historical records and status quo.

Textbook(s): A Survey of American Literature, edited by Chang Yaoxin, published by Nankai University Press.

Teaching Approach: In-class teaching plus class discussion

Hours and Credits: 2 hours per week, 36 hours in all; 2 credits

Exams: Course Essay