Course Name:   Spoken English (1-3)

Course Code:   30090923009102300911230100353010045

Course Classification: Compulsory (Selective for CLL majors 1-2)

Aims and Objectives: During this course, students are expected to develop appropriate English conversational skills used in daily life.  Students will practice and demonstrate their conversational skills during various individual, paired and group activities held in class.

Course Contents: This course enables students to become familiarized with various topics through listening and speaking in class and grasp different speech functions which lead them to freely express themselves correctly. 

Textbook(s): Communicative Speaking and Listening Skills, edited by Jack C. Richards, David Bycina, and Sue Brioux Aldcorn, published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and Oxford University Press

         Other relevant materials

Teaching Approach: In-class teaching plus listening and speaking activities and class discussions

Hours and Credits: For TCSL majors: 2 hours per week, 104 hours in all; 6 credits

    For CLL majors: 2 hours per week, 72 hours in all, 4 credits

Exams: Oral examination