Course Name:   Translation

Course Code:   3009265

Course Classification:  Compulsory (Selective for CLL majors)

Aims and Objectives: This course enables the students to be equipped with fundamental ability on translation.  It extends and refines students translation skills in diversified writing styles by introducing features of each style and by a comparison between Chinese language and English language.  After this course, students are supposed to be familiar with basic translation theories so as to develop relevant translation strategies.  The target text should be linguistically correct and accurately convey the message of the source text with the translation speed of 250-300 words per hour.

Course Contents: The following items are to be included: Translation criteria, translation skills, translation theories, English-Chinese(E-C) translation practice, Chinese-English(E-C) translation practice.

Textbook(s): A New Coursebook on Chinese-English Translation, edited by Chan Hongwei, published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.

Teaching Approach: In-class teaching plus practice

Hours and Credits: 2 hours per week, 1 semester, 36 hours in all; 2 credits

Exams: Written Examination