Course Name:   English Writing

Course Code:   30091423009152

Course Classification: Compulsory (Selective for Chinese majors)

Aims and Objectives:  The emphasis of this course is placed on the systematic writing training of students so as to develop their English thinking ability and accordingly, avert Chinglish expressions.  By the end of this course, students will be equipped to write concise and logical compositions. 

Course Contents:  Students will learn the writing strategies and formats of every style, which include exposition, narration, argumentation and some practical writings.  The course will enable students to correctly utilize methods of diction, sentence-organization, paragraph-arrangement and overall layout of the whole passage.  Training at all levels will be carried out to ensure students receive relevant writing guidance in stylistics and rhetoric.

Textbook(s): A Handbook of Writing, edited by Ding Wangdao and Wu Bing et al., published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

        Other English materials

Teaching Approach:  In-class teaching plus writing practice and comments on students writing assignments.

Hours and Credits: For TCSL majors: 2 hours per week, 2 semesters, 72 hours in all; 4 credits

    For CLL majors: 2 hours per week, 1 semester, 36 hours in all; 2 credits

Exams:  Written Examination