Course Name:   English Extensive Reading (1-2)

Course Code1112052úČ1112062

Course Classification:  Compulsory

Aims and Objectives: After this course, students should develop the ability to read materials with complexity of Thirty-Nine Steps (Simplified Version) and Readerí»s Digest at the speed of 70-120 words per minute.  They are required to understand the gist of the passage and keep track of the main plots and arguments.  Through reading extensively, studentsí» cultural vision is thus broadened and they are well prepared to conduct cross-cultural communication.  The specific requirements are in accordance with those of first-year English majorsí». 

Course Contents: Textbooks, Newspapers and English classics

Textbook(s): Extensive Reading, edited by Huang Yuanshen and Yu Sumei, published by Higher Education Press

Teaching Approach: In-class teaching, exercises, discussion and book report

Hours and Credits: 2 hours per week, 72 hours in all; 4 credits.

Exams: Closed-book written examination