Course Name:  English Intensive Reading (1-4)

Course Code: 30009012, 3009022úČ3009032úČ3009042

Course Classification: Compulsory

Aims and Objectives: This four-semester, compulsory course aims to enhance  candidatesí» listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills so as to lay a solid foundation for English language competence and cross-culture communication.  Students will be trained in appropriate learning strategies.  After the completion of this course, students are required to pass TEM-4 (Test for English Majors Grade 4).

Course Contents: This course is intended to integrate studentsí» listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills and place the correct grammar and vocabulary at their command.  The majority of texts excerpted from qualified sources including textbooks, journals, magazines and other reading materials since 1970s are produced by English and American authors.  The articles selected mainly pinpoint the styles of narration, description, argumentation and exposition.  The principles adopted for these texts are oriented towards humanistic features and the message they convey.  This series comprise four books of 16 units each.  Each book is meant to be used within a single semester.  The contents of each unit are illustrated as follows:

          Text I

Text comprehension

Structural analysis of the text

Rhetorical features of the text (Books 3&4)

Vocabulary exercises

Grammar exercises

Translation exercises

Exercises for integrated skills

Phonetics (Book 1)

Oral activities

Writing practice

Listening exercises;

Text II

Textbook: An Integrated English Course (Books1-4)  Edited by Dai Weidong, published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.

Teaching Approach: instructor-led in-class teaching

Hours and Credits: 6 hours per week, 4 semesters, 432 hours in all

                 24 credits

Exams: Closed-book written examination