Course Name:   Spoken English (1-3)

Course Code:  6000092, 6000102, 6000112

Course Classification:  Compulsory

Aims and Objectives: This course will develop studentsí» oral ability in English and make students well-prepared to conduct cross-cultural communication.

Course Contents: Discussion, speech, debate etc.

Textbook(s): Recommended textbooks: Letí»s Talk, edited by Leo Jones, published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.

           Oral Workshop: Argument, edited by Wu Zhenfu, published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Teaching Approach: In-class teaching plus studentsí» autonomous learning

Hours and Credits: 2 hours per week, 36 hours in all; 2 credits

(Spoken English is offered from the second to fourth semester, with Asian-European Languages majors not included)

Exams: Oral Examination